JON TOOGOOD Live & Acoustic

Saturday, Doors open at 8:00pm

Jon Toogood detaches himself from the Shihad electric wall of sound for 1 show at Tillermans.

Unplugged and unrobed.

Delivering music in tribute to those who influenced him on his unique musical journey, some tracks from his solo side project – “The Adults”, plus a very different styled delivery of a selection of Shihad material.

 A showcase that promises to singe the unspoken law of “What goes on tour, stays on tour” in-between playing a couple of sets, Jon likes to share some of his larger than life musical life.

 Jon Toogood, unplugged, playing solo. A couple of hours of songs and a lot to say.


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Tillermans Music Lounge Invercargill


16 Don St, Invercargill

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