Saturday, Doors open at 7:00pm

It's Back, because Punk It Up refuses to be beaten by a nasty virus, even if this one has proved to be a bit of a nasty piece of work, not only physically, but mentally for both individuals and the societal fabric we are all wrapped in.

So, that said, the Punk It Up Crew, Green Recordings, and The Powerstation, are super stoked to announce the dates for the fifth iteration of the very popular Punk It Up event, this time a 2-night extravaganza on Friday July 1 and Saturday July 2, 2022, at Tamaki Makaurau's top rock venue!

Kicking off the punk rock'n'roll feast we have in store on Friday night, are those silly rabbits Proud Scum, as well as our long-lost brothers from across the pond, No Class, playing their first gig back in Aotearoa since who knows when, maybe they've even forgotten... it's definitely been too long.... On top of that, seriously yummy noise treats will also be served up by The Bombers, cupcakes and other goodies from Cootie Cuties, with the icing on the cake added at the end of the night by Punk It Up's resident chefs, bankRobbers, creating good old-fashioned comfort food with assorted punk covers, with assorted companion vocalist toppings, to finish up the live music.

On the Saturday, there's a new spread of gourmet cacophony with them cowpokes The Johnnys, along with what is not really a Cordon Blue meal, but more of a teenage fusion "Gordon Bennet" plate, from Sit Down In Front. There's also a bit of delicious kai being made by NZ's first ever Maori punk band Tigers, and resident chefs bank Robbers show off their freshly baked cakes for the second night's dessert.

To go with this massive gastronomic serving of punk rock'n'roll, Punk It Up are also pleased to announce the extremely expensive fine wine that is No Tag to go with your meal of loud noise.

No Tag will be playing their final ever shows, before never having to argue with each other about what songs to put in the set ever again! Don't miss them!

We'll be adding a few other top bands before the gig, they're just currently baking in the oven, so watch this space, or the Punk It Up Facebook page, for updates!

bFM DJs Dubhead, Phil A, and Miss Dom will provide the entrees in between each serving of live music, and as usual, this excellent event will feature information booths for causes we believe in, a few small record sellers, and more merchandise than you can shake a stick at.
Lastly, we'll have the famous “after party ‘til late” with DJs in the upstairs back room, to wind down after pogoing your butt off.

Are you ready?


Punk It Up and Green Recordings reserve the right to adjust the announced line-ups slightly if required, however will make every effort to keep them as advertised.

Should you wish to go both nIghts you can buy a 2-NIght Pass HERE

Event Restrictions:
This is an R18 Licensed Event

You must be 18 years or older to enter this licensed event, as long as you can provide acceptable proof of age identification such as a current driver licence, Hospitality New Zealand (HANZ) 18+ card or passport.
If you are under 18 years old and with or without a parent or legal guardian you cannot enter this event.  

RestrictionsR18 Licensed Event

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  • General Admission (R18)

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Powerstation Auckland

New York has the Apollo Theatre, London has Brixton Academy, and Auckland has the Powerstation, an intimate venue at the bottom of the world that has punched above its weight since the mid-1980s, hosting some of the best and biggest acts on the planet.


33 Mount Eden Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1023

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