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Friday, Doors open at 8:00pm

In 1995 Peter Urlich began a Saturday morning radio show on 95bFm. His initial partner was DJ Phil Clark, however he was replaced in 1996 by Bevan Keys and the show, Nice'n'Urlich, with its mix of Urlich's chat and Key's soulful House Music selections, became a massive hit.
Taking the show to the clubs also proved hugely popular and for the next decade Nice'n'Urlich sold out increasingly larger venues. In 1999 the duo were signed to Simon Grigg's Huh Records. The three Nice'n'Urlich albums (eventually 4) sold over 60,000 albums in New Zealand.
Nice'n'Urlich seemed to strike a chord with the public, simultaneously drawing in the dance savvy audience as well as many who were new to the scene, but all were attracted to Bevan's unique melodic, funky and soulful selections which were presented and MC'd by ex-Dudes frontman, Peter.
There had never been an act like them, and their parties grew larger and became legend. 

They still perform though only a few times a year and so their events become sold-out drawcards for those who cherish the classic 'golden days' of the NZ dance scene. 

This special night at The Powerstation on August 28, proudly marks 25 amazing years in a unique relationship between Nice’n’Urlich and their beloved audience.

Event Restrictions:
This is an R18 Licensed Event

You must be 18 years or older to enter this licensed event, as long as you can provide acceptable proof of age identification such as a current driver licence, Hospitality New Zealand (HANZ) 18+ card or passport.
If you are under 18 years old and with or without a parent or legal guardian you cannot enter this event.  

RestrictionsR18 Licensed Event

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Powerstation Auckland

New York has the Apollo Theatre, London has Brixton Academy, and Auckland has the Powerstation, an intimate venue at the bottom of the world that has punched above its weight since the mid-1980s, hosting some of the best and biggest acts on the planet.


33 Mount Eden Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1023

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