From drum and bass to funk, soul, and rock n roll, Freakhouse productions know EXACTLY what the people want when it comes to a party.
Don’t believe us? Well then it’s time for them to take you to school.
Through passion for performance and A LOT of hard mahi,Freakhouse Productions took their parties from backyards, through Auckland’s best up and coming venues, and now, it’s going up a whole other level.

Right here, right now, six artists of EPIC proportions have been pulled together with one thing on their minds. THROW THE GREATEST PARTY OF THEIR LIVES.

The Superfreaks
Here to freak you out and funk you up. These pioneers of Freakfest have taken their all live show of straight up funk soul and rock n roll from the backyard to stages fit for kings in less than the amount of time it took . The Superfreaks are on a mission to bring live music back to the forefront of partying. Keeping the passion alive for live music these party animals are going make you move and sing like you never have before. They can throw down on stage like no one else. You want a set of straight up cold hard partying? THIS IS THE ACT YOU WANT TO SEE.

Vana is the red haired pop incendiary whose music is fuelled by dark femininity and villainous themes such as lust, jealousy love and revenge. Soft and feminine vocals paired with hard hitting gritty bass and screaming electric guitar gives Vana her lean yet unmistakable sound that leaves listeners craving more. With notable platforms on Tiktok, Twitch and Instagram, Vana is passionate about connecting with her supporters and encourages listeners to connect with her personality as much as her music, although her most raw emotions are shared through her musicianship. Her passion with the guitar and roots in early emo and rock music play a distinctive role in her songwriting and mark the beginnings of a trailblazer in the genres of Dark Trap and Synth pop. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Vana fiercely represents the totality that is the queer experience. Her independent debut single “You’re Not the Only One” not only dives into these themes but does so holistically creating a profoundly relatable listening experience like few before it.

Taking over and looking good while doing it. SKYTRI is the combination of HEAVY hitters @skye.dnb and @sentri_dnb. Bringing you hard drops and filthy baselines. Continuously supporting critically acclaimed international acts, SKYTRI are sisters that have ROCKETED themselves to the top of the drum and bass scene. Do NOT miss the chance to see them in person.

Ash Harris
Formally known as (Ash Supe). Wellington-born, Auckland-based rapper, singer, songwriter Ash Harris burst onto the scene in 2021 with an energetic blend of infatuating pop melodies and hypnotic rap flows over emotive hip hop production with his debut single Fade Away. A melodic rap stan through and through, Ash draws influence from modern legends like Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert, Roddy Ricch and Post Malone as well as OG popstars and rap icons like Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne. Ash seeks to invoke powerful emotions with raw, unfiltered delivery and lyrics like that of Lifestyle Freéstyle, whilst also energising and uplifting listeners with wavy bass-heavy bangers like Turn The Lights Out. He aims to continue to experiment with diverse genres and sounds, and collaborate with other NZ artists on his journey to become a globally recognised artist putting New Zealand on the world stage.

Finn Diesel
 You want filthy dnb? THIS IS YOUR MAN. Finn Diesel is making his way through the drum and bass scene and leaving a trail of destruction. NO ONE is safe when this man gets behind the decks. Let’s hope you’re ready. Because he is about to blow your mind.

YOU ALREADY KNOW WHO IT IS. The man that needs no introduction, the name that is forged into legend over the land. One that has become synonymous with un-believable party's. Pumping out banger after banger after banger on the decks. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. IT IS THE ONE AND ONLY STIX!!!!!

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